Docker Fundamentals (DF)  

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This is THE introductory Docker course to give your team the best foundation for enterprise grade Docker use-cases.


Ensure your team learns Docker the right way with official Docker training. In this course students will get the foundational concepts and practices of containerization on a single Docker node, then learn the foundations of orchestration and scale out with Docker across multiple nodes in a swarm. This course is a prerequisite for all other Docker courses include our new role-based Docker for Enterprise Operations and Docker for Enterprise Developers.

By the end of the course students will learn to:

-Understand what Docker is and how Docker can modernize the software supply-chain
-Conceptualize a mental model for Docker workflow
-Understand the foundations of Docker security and apply secrets management
-Understand the foundations of containerization on a single Docker node
-Ability to Dockerize and application by writing Dockerfiles
-Create and manage images
-Apply a basic continuous integration model for Docker
-Understand the usage of volumes
-Apply concepts of the Docker networking model
-Write stack-based compose files
-Understand how Swarm works
-Deploy a swarm application and scale it out
-Apply common Swarm operations
-Create, manage, and update Docker secrets



Day One:

Containerization Basics

The Docker Story

Introduction to Images

Creating Images

Managing Images

Docker Continous Integration


Day Two:

Orchestration Basics

Docker Networking Basics


Scaling out with Swarm Mode

Swarm Operations

Managing Secrets